Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, In a flash Christmas is over. Despite the fact that I think this was the worst year of my life, the last four days have been some of the greatest I have ever had. The 24th was spent with family opening gifts, watching the children joyously shredding wrapping paper and nearly becoming orgasmic at the contents. Christmas morning I was up around 3:30 nagging my bed mate to awaken as well so that we could allow our child to open gifts. The coffee was delicious, the air was cool yet warming up, clothes were comfortable. Everyone enjoyed everything. Later was spent among friends and family. Good food, good company. More gifts. Turned in early on my recliner wrapped in what could possibly be the fuzziest most comfortable blanket known to man. Drifted off to the sounds of new video games and wind. The next morning we were all kissed with blizzard like snowfall as we sat together as a family enjoying each other, the atmosphere of the winter solstice, and just for a moment forgetting about the looming shadow to be cast over the ext year of our lives.

With any luck, next Christmas will be upon us in no time.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm not ALWAYS on omegle

You are probably asking yourself if all of my postings so far are about the irritations of omegle why do I keep going there? Well to that I would say, because.

Seriously though, the alternative is chatroulette and since I would rather watch the view with a studded dildo in my ass then visit that site with the intention of having a good conversation.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

When people make me wait

Sometimes on Omegle people will start typing, you can see that they are typing. Sometimes they take a long time so you think it will be a long paragraph of interesting text, so you happily wait.

...The dissapoint continues

Everyone on Omegle is an idiot

So, an introduction. I am dying. I lost my job because I can no longer work. So Being the avid gamer/computer addict that I am I decided to carve out a web presence for myself. One thing I do during the day is troll search through omegle looking for decent chat partners to help me talk away the pain and monotony that has become my life.

I rarely succeed.