Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween and spell check

OK, So as one can see from my history, I am not well. In fact, I am dying.

Know what? Dying hurts.

I sometimes tend to eat through pain meds like candy, not the greatest thing for me I know but talk to me when your body is on fire and you can't think straight.

Why am I mentioning this and what does it have to do with the subject? I don't care. However, I do have an appointment on Monday (Tomorrow) with a pain doc to make some adjustments and hopefully get myself back on a routine that involves not feeling like I am being pulled apart by a gorilla twenty four hours a day. If that happens, sometime on Tuesday I will begin planning out this years Halloween costume. It will involve building and such so there are bound to be pictures and if things work out it should put me back on track for posting, so all 3 of my Taiwan visitors looking for nude Selena Gomez pics have something to read.

As for spell check, well, if I didn't use it the post would be titled halow3en costo,,me planni!nng/

Well, when a person hurts, life sucks. When you don't, not so much.

Oh by the way. I was recently turned on to a new artist. New in the sense that I just heard of her, so for all I know she could have just appeared.

Have a listen.

Banner by Brillantines

OK, it is not by Brilliantines, it is by Lights Poxleitner, you have to visit her stuff. I only grabbed this version because her new stuff is clipped. For good reason, she is independent (to a degree) and this kind of stuff could hurt. So please if you like go enjoy.