Monday, February 28, 2011

Reserved for my drawfag friend at b

Saving this spot for a drawing I am doing for a friend at /b/

* Rough sketch is done, beginning the  detail.

* Had to run an errand, back to work now.

Ok, it's looking like I am not going to be able to finish tonight. So, Just so I keep good on my word:

Here is what I have so far. Please note this is not even close to done. Hope the mystery dude likes it.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Intuos4 Lagging issue FIXED

So I recently bought the Wacom Intuos4 Large, an upgrade form a 4 year old bamboo. In Hindsight,  I don't know how I ever worked on the bamboo with 3 22" monitors.

I would place this purchase up among the greatest purchases I have ever made. Actually as I sit here writing this I am struggling to think of another purchase that even comes close.

However, one of my favorite sketching programs, sketchbook designer 2011 was having some serious issues, well, serious to me.

I was searching all over the fucking web trying to see if there was a fix but I either wasn't sure what to search for or was just flat out searching the wrong issue.

Anywho what was happening was, when I was making quick sketch lines the interface appeared to be drawing an animated circle around the cursor point, indicative of a right click, or double click, some kind of click modifier. There would be a slight delay in touching the tip to the tablet and then finishing the stroke. It was driving me mad.

I disabled the tablet pc services in control panel but no dice, and that seemed to be the only solution I could find. Also, I really liked to use those services for inking in word and taking notes.

Back to reality, what was really pissing me off was that I was not having this issue in sketchbook pro 2011.

Ii finally came across something about flicks in my travels. I had actually almost completely given up on designer, it was a shame to because the vector layers were really great to work with. I disabled flicks and tried, it helped but didn't completely eliminate the problem. Then I just poked deeper into the flicks menu's and found a cure.

 Right Click the Flicks

Uncheck the flicks thingy.
Switch over to the Pen Options Tab.

I went into the settings for the double tap.

I moved this all the way to slow, as I could not disable it.

I may have adjusted the spatial tolerance. 

This little gem right here was fucking up the whole game.
I would have erased it if I could. 

But all I could do was uncheck it. Although I did do it rather violently. 

I unchecked these two little guys here. I am not sure if I needed to, but I hated them so I did.

When all is said and done make sure the flicks notification bar has the No Smoking ring through it. 
Now I can draw vectors without ripping my hair out. I hope this helps some of you out. I later discovered that these recommendations were located within the help files (or somewhere right in front of me) But for those of you who are looking and not finding, and drawing and not producing. I offer but one meager solution.

My amazon store at the bottom of the page has this tablet in it. I can't stress enough how great it is. Plus if you buy it through Amazon they don't make you jump through hoops to get the less expensive academic version. Also, purchasing through my store makes it so I can put food on my plate and drugs in my system. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Will be posting today

I will be making a post later, I will replace this post with the future post.


Actually, before I get to posting i would like to know, where do you guys promote your pages? I am not associating this page with my real identity, I feel that once people you know start reading, one tends to curve what they really want to say. So I have decided to keep strict separation between people I know and people who read this. Point being that the usual social network plug is not really an option for me.

Any Suggestions?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One thing I had always hated about having a job and being a functioning member of society, was the constant lying.

Hearing people speak of their seemingly endless supply of stupid just made me want to scream. At the very least I wanted to explain to them why what they were saying was wrong! The all too familiar sting of silence emerges victorious over reason, truth, logic and other silly unimportant things when dealing with anyone while you are a slave to an organization.

I have even had my share of suffering through life stories and prophetic religious diatribes all while smiling and nodding my head in the name of public relations.

Even amongst coworkers who could never seem to understand that a passing hello in a hallway did not, a good friend make. We may have shared an office building for 8 hours a day but that does not mean I like you or care about your opinion. I smile and listen because I want the work day to pass as quickly as possible so I can get away from you and surround myself with the things I really care about. I only appear to share interests with you because when you speak of your weekend gospel club the only thing keeping me from hysterical laughter, belittling your beliefs and educating you of your foolishness is my desire to maintain a steady income and a shared lunchroom which measures about 6 ft across and frozen tundra like conditions preventing me from eating elsewhere.

That happy mask made me sick to my stomach.
The one good thing about disability and being removed from the workforce, is no more lies.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning, Slacking and Jacking Off...

I've been slacking.

I truly want to gather followers, not for the sake of ad clicks which honestly this started out as. I am truly motivated by the spirit of creative release at this point. I almost want to remove the ads but the minuscule amounts of change they bring in could help some day. I can't help but feel like the people following don't really care though.

Are you just following because I am following you?

If so, please stop, I apologize, my motives have changed. I would rather have two followers who are genuinely interested in what I post than twenty who are just returning an add. I would truly like to start developing a legitimate web presence.

Problem is, I have no idea how. I feel restricted in my knowledge of programs, my fucking brain can't learn fast enough to keep up with my ideas. I have a website parked elsewhere with an idea to make it look interesting but my knowledge of web development and design software is minimal so when I go to create what is in my head all I get is a white screen with gibberish text blocks and random placeholder images. I am trying to learn Maya to do some 3d rendering, I have some awesome characters and stories but that program is about as beginner friendly as a heroin addiction. I am sick and tired of being limited. I spend all my time anymore learning new programs instead of creating. I feel like I need a team of people willing to work for nothing in the hopes of becoming a great production company.

Fuck. anyway. if you haven't run off yet, I would truly like you to stick around so I can share these things with you as I learn to create them. If you can lend a hand, please drop me a comment and lets see where we can go.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Outstanding New Product!!!

I love when people make things. It would have to be affordable, I just wanted to share as this is an issue I face all the time as a solo video shooter guy.

I'd like to dry hump your occular cavities with some visual effects.

I have been practicing with After Effects with the guidance of Andrew Kramer of

In my opinion, the best tutorial site on the web.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tron 3!

 So obviously I am a pretty big Tron fan. These are supposedly shots from the production of the new Tron film. 

In this one you can see the poster "Flynn Lives" the campaign is said to have been started by RAM, from the first film who is set to be reintroduced.
I have no idea if this is legit or not. It is being reported that there will be a teaser trailer for it on either the BluRay release of the original Tron, or on the Legacy home release.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The internet can relax now.

This disease has taken from me whatever scrap remains of a social life I once had, however every so often an event pops up that causes me to wander out of my electronic sarcophagus.

Yesterday was such an occasion.

It is strange. While I complain endlessly about being trapped here, the one time I got out all I could think about was getting back here and finishing up some more work. Work for which I earn nothing but comments from a few.

The reality is that this is exactly where I want to be, producing works to share but creating them only for myself.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A short film

I am working on a short film. I am not a filmmaker, nor do I make any claims to being a good artist or even having a decent vision.

But I have had this idea in my head for a while and have never had the time to make it. Now I have nothing but time.

If you think you might be interested in seeing it let me know as I am undecided on whether I will be posting it here.

Close, but sooooo far away.

I was reading about the Columbine massacre today. It's strange, it's almost poetic reading the story of Eric and Dylan. I felt drawn into it. I could feel the pain they felt, the confusion, the rejection and the sense of superiority as I felt all those things as well during my high school years.

I wasn't appalled, I felt bad for them. Not bad in the sense that I think I could have cured them and prevented it from ever happening, but bad in that only an extremely small percentage of people will ever really understand what it was that they were trying to do.

I am not supporting or condoning murder as a viable way to get ones point across, but I can relate to feeling so obscure, so out of place and frustrated that you feel like the only way that you could ever get through to that infinitesimal percentage of people who just may be feeling something like you is to do something so big that they have no choice but to notice.

I remember walking through the halls of my old school, filled with lesser humans, may as well have been alone. I had friends, but they were just there to keep up the facade of the social contract. School was a bitter double edged blade for me. I loved learning, soaked up all the knowledge that I could, but I hated the people, the bastards that would endlessly parade around in some fictitious song and dance ceaselessly competing for what they dubbed "popularity".

I felt alone, yet surrounded by a sea of automatons whose only purpose was to irritate me and replicate.

Yes, I felt superior, superior because I recognized the futility of life and chose not to participate. I felt the only good thing for them, was a mass exodus.

So, yes, I feel their pain, I understand what could drive them to the very edge of existence and look out beyond and see nothing. I recognize now that there are others who can understand that there is no meaning to life, that we can carve our own path and that the only way to become a success in one's own eyes is to define what success is to you and know that it really does not matter for life is as insignificant to the history of the universe as the plastic that we will inevitably leave behind.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shit just keeps interrupting me.

I keep trying to make a decent comic for a decent post and I keep finding other things I want to share.

Like this...

Game looks decent enough to me. There is the nagging question of "what makes it so unique?" but I am guessing that the developer interaction and the small user base will build it up to be something great. I am an EVE player though, so space is always an attraction for me.

Anywho, you can go to the site and interact with the game for free to get a sense of what it is. I signed up but I didn't donate to it. I haven't played it enough to know whether or not it will be something I contribute my dwindling income to. Don't get me wrong though, I love to support shit like this, but only if I am going to be sticking with it, and right now it is just too early to tell.

Oh, you need the Unity web player, as that is the engine they are using for the in-browser game.

Just when you think they might be decent fellas.

Sneaky microsoft bastards

I am an avid google fan. I love the work they do, the extensive amount of software they offer free of charge. The seemingly endless amount of tools they make available to everyone to do almost anything.

Case in point, me posting this.

Microsoft on the other hand... not so much. I usually scrape by with them. I don't hate them like so many other people. I have never had the issues with their software that the masses seem to have. Then again I am not a drooling mouth breather missing a chromosome. I had Vista, I listened to idiots talk about how aweful it was without really knowing why. It worked for me, although it left a bit to be desired with memory management, it got the job done.

But this, this is just ass rapable! I thought the days of MS stooping to this level of douchebaggery ended when apple took over as captain dickhead.

Anyway, i don't want to get too deep in it, I have other posts I want to make today. I really just wanted to share this story with my 9 followers. I guess if I really think about it, I'm not surprised at all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That god damn string

That string, on the edge of my comforter, tickling my cheek. Fuck you string. I can't sleep now because of you. 

My life is ruined.