Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 Days

was the morning.

Actually, that's how much of my life I have now wasted trying to troubleshoot and fix my eyefinity triple monitor setup. You see a few months back I was bouncing back and forth between grouped monitors and non. Loved it. Massive 5040 x 1050 gaming and then split three single monitors for applications, this was important as a browser window maximized to 3 monitors isn't as fun as it sounds, especially when you try to open more then one and move them between windows.

Yet it all came to a devastating and abrupt halt about 2 months ago when I reinstalled my OS onto an SSD boot drive. You see, I figured that ATI had done something to the drivers and it was just fucking with my chi. But after a revision or two didn't fix anything I began to get irritated.

Now, no matter what I tried all I could do was group 2 monitors and leave the third as a standalone. this did not please me at all. I wanted things exactly the way they used to be.

I fear change.

Anywho. to make matters worse, when I activated crossfireX I lost one monitor. In hindsight that should have been a dead giveaway but I suppose at the time I was blinded by pure rage.

I searched the web, sought counsel on forums, even shot off a semi passive aggressive tech support request to ATI. "I am the customer, I demand immediate satisfaction,  Requiem in terra pax and so forth..."

Those bastards still haven't contacted me.

Which is probably for the best. You see. When eyefinity groups monitors it can only do it across a single gpu. Something I knew. Also, for the uninitiated, crossfire in its simplest form is the use of a second gpu to handle alternating processing of "video stuff" two cards act as one, utilizing only one cards output but both gpu's.

So, if one were to say, hook up their third monitor to the second video card when they reassembled their pc they may find that when crossfire is enabled, it will shut down the output of that card.

sound familiar yet.

It would also prevent that monitor from being added to an eyefinity group...



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