Monday, May 2, 2011

Different DNA

I am pretty snobbish when it comes to music. Not that I rub my musical preferences in others faces all holier than thou, rather snobbish in the sense that I don't like very much. Music is deeply personal to me so I only listen to things that move me on a level that goes beyond just moving me to motion.

I have been a musician for as long as I could remember. My love of music is so deep and personal to me that I never share anything I make on my own. I have been in bands before, but while everyone was pushing for success, I was just as happy to sit in a recording studio and just pump out something for us to listen to.

People often react very shocked when I tell them that I don't listen to a lot of music, then equally as surprised when I know about all the different music going on around me. I don't much care for the classic musicians of our time like Floyd and Zeppelin. That is not to say that I think they are bad, I just don't care for it. People can never understand the distinction between disliking something and thinking it is terrible.

I have loved songs from artists that I hate as well as hate songs from artists that I love.

I never listen to the radio, I was not raised on the classics and my preferential spectrum is pretty narrow. When it comes to actual musical exposure, despite being a musician, I am quite sheltered.

This ocassionaly leads to a scenario where I inevitably get suckered into sharing some of my creations with people. "wow this sounds like pink floyd, you must really be a fan" ...nope, never heard anything from them but their radio stuff and its not really my thing. "how can you say that, this sounds just like it and you made it" ...this was a mistake.


"wow, your playing is very jazz influenced, do you listen to a lot of jazz" nope, none really. "but you play like a jazz guy would play" I don't really listen to much, most of what I do is just what I feel is appropriate for the music I hear.

Sometimes I look at my total musical ignorance as one of my strongest assets, I feel like what I do is untainted with the soils of someone else style. Then I realize that is impossible. Playing inst just influenced by others music, it draws inspiration from everything. I am also pretty sure that I mimic a lot of what I hear but am just not consciously aware of it (I put this here to avoid people contacting me with counterpoints. I know, I am just not touching on them.).

So, to actually get to a point here. Music is a bit different for me. I am sure everyone takes music in in a different way. This is how it is for me. It must speak to the very core of my being before I will even consider it to be something I enjoy.


Every once and a while I get a little surprise. An artist (or two) that I totally despise on that deep emotional level will put something out and just rock me. I could give less of a fuck about what the rest of the world thinks of things I like so it doesn't bother me when it happens, even knowing that I had spoken out negatively against this particular artist in the past.

Katy Perry.
I do not find her attractive.
I do not care for the quality of her talent.
I would never expect to have a song of hers in my "deep" playlist
But wouldn't you know.

I don't care what the song is really about. I know what I hear when I listen to it.

...and I like it.


  1. katy perry not attractive?

  2. When I don't like someone, no matter how attractive others see them as, I can not look beyond the things that make me dislike them and they become hideous to me.

    I much prefer Zoey Deschanel. I can not tolerate the constant comparison of the two because to me they look nothing alike.

    However, this recent video for ET has made me look at her again. I still don't like her, but if she keeps going in that direction I may not find her so repulsive anymore.

    Interestingly enough, her life is unaffected.

  3. I don't care for the music but I love dem titties!