Monday, May 23, 2011


Spent a good portion of the morning sharpening my knives and I barely got through a quarter of them.

I am not a professional blade sharpener, I have seen it taken to a pretty serious extreme, but I can put a pretty damn fine edge on a blade. I mean, I am a step above someone who is better than average but far below that of a seasoned sharpener.

I have a pretty nice collection of wet stones and diamond plates, also some diamond pastes, granite block, some steels, honing solutions, some handmade surface blocks with assorted sandpaper grits around glass, some jewelers loupes, and some serrated files. You know nothing serious.

Anyway, After a morning well spent I managed to get some of my daily carries back up to speed as well as a new set of throwers I recently bought.

I never go anywhere without at least a knife on me. I remember going into school to pick up my son and one of the teachers saw the knife in my pocket and told me that I couldn't bring it into the school, I looked at her and said "what makes you think I am any less dangerous without it?" Then my son came down the hall and we left. I still carry it every day and no one has ever said anything to me again about it. Though, i'm not an ass when I go there, so there is really no reason for anyone to confront me.

If I can kill you with a knife, I can kill you without one.

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