Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An understatement in class

You will not hear me utter the word epic very often. It was a great idea at first but unfortunately it's intensity was raped and murdered by 11 year olds on xbox live.
I think it should be reserved only for the truly deserving atrocities in our beautiful world.

...and with that I give you all the most epic album covers of all time. This may be very old to some of you, but to those who have never seen them, ...

You really have to appreciate the gentle subtext of the aura given off by the very subtle use of the outer glow effect.

With this one you have to really look deep to see exactly how much thought went into the very loose arrangement and composition of the bears, which, I am being told, is a play on his name "Big Bear".
Very clever.

What's really impressive is that these album covers manage to convey the exuberant life of the gangsta rapper in a very classy understated manner.

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