Friday, June 24, 2011

Daggers daggers and more daggers

Ok, So I said I wanted to mold the dagger in Silicone RTV, well when I finally got around to reading the instructions it turns out it is mixed by weight. So I had to order a scale from Amazon.

2 weeks of scale research later and I find out I can't justify the cost for the scale that will suit my desires. So I settled on this cheap little guy in the mean time.

Down to business, This is my first time working with this stuff so I was abnormally nervous for some reason. I decided to just fuck it and jump in. I cracked open the bottles.

It is a 2 part system. The mix ratio is by weight and it is 10:1

I decided to use a clay wall since the piece was almost completely flat and a wood box would have just wasted way too much silicone. Also I didn't feel like going in the basement and cleaning up my shop.

Here is the scale weighing 10 grams of catalyst, which means I used 100 grams of silicone. Which actually worked out to fill the cavity perfectly.

I mixed it thoroughly, but very slowly. You are actually supposed to degass this stuff to remove air bubbles or use it in a pressure vessel. I don't own either, nor do I feel like building either tonight so I was doing my best not to get air in the mix. I also read about a "Long Pour" method but short of competitively pouring beer into someones mouth I have never tried it, but hey tonight seems to be a night of firsts.

After a successful "Long Pour" or high pour whichever you prefer. I noticed air bubbles on the top of the mold forming about a minute after I stopped, I guess it was air escaping from within. Seems good, I can deal with them on the top like that, its on the surface that I don't want.

You know, now that I am writing this I think I should have done a surface coat to avoid the air bubbles on the skin. Oh well, I will try it with the other blade. Oh yea, by the way, I was just doing one of the blades not the whole thing.

After I typed this up I went into the other room to check on it, It looks like it has a blue white marble swirl going on. I don't know if that is from improper mixing or just the way it cures. I hope it is the later. If anyone knows please clue me in.

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