Saturday, June 25, 2011

Etiquette of the Reach Around

Before anyone works themselves into a tizzy, this isn't about anyone. Just some random musings that I find myself wondering every so often. (FYI, tizzy was in the spell dictionary and did not come up for auto-correct)

Is it proper etiquette to comment back, or at least pay a visit to someones blog if they are subscribed to your blog?

Should someone be obligated to subscribe to your blog if you are subscribed to theirs? What if you regularly comment on their blog, do you feel like they decent thing for them to do is to subscribe to yours?

Have you ever deleted a subscription to someones blog solely because you felt that they were not reciprocating?

What are your pet peeves when reading through blog content? Is you a Grammar Nazi? Perhapps speling is you're hot button. For me it is a combination of seeing apologies for lack of updates, along with a lack of updates.

I started thinking about it because I just cleared up some subscriptions from people who have not updated in a while, then I started looking to see who ran those sites and if they ever commented on mine. The whole thing started a big chain reaction of digging through site records and comparing data, I do love data. Sometimes i feel like the only reason I have a blog is to watch the line graph move in Google Analytics.

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