Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Hate Davis Cleveland

Davis Cleveland is terrible.

I mentioned before that I have a kid. Among other things that means that I have to watch quite a bit of the Disney channel. I actually don't mind it as much as I first thought I would, the shows are usually quite decent. As a bonus I get to be a bit of a pervert while ogling the young starlets parading around half dressed, right out in the open!

I think Disney hit comedic gold with the casting for one of their relatively new shows "Good Luck Charlie" seems everyone on that list is just pure comedy genius. Occasionally, I find myself watching it when nothing else is on and my son is no where to be found.

"Shake it Up" seemed to be on its way to becoming a similar gold mine, plus Bella Thorne and Zendaya are the cutest pair ever. Yet, every time this fuckwad enters the frame my blood boils. He plays one of the girls little brother, I honestly don't know which one because I can't stop cursing him while he is on screen. He is a no talent mule fucker who is ruining an otherwise decent show.

I would now normally take this opportunity to list alphabetically the things I despise about him, but since this list would be endless and continue on for eternity I will simply invite you to check out "Shake it Up" and see for yourself. A word of caution though, have a trash can and air freshener on hand because you will most likely begin projectile vomiting  and encounter a bout of violent dysentery.


  1. should be on a show with dane cook!

  2. Dammit, my picture disappeared. This is why I never link to pictures.

  3. K. I fixed it. Try and stop me now faggots.

  4. He's only 9 years old. Leave him alone he is so cute

    1. He's terrible, who hates him also tells!!

      We must make a crew "Anti-davis!"

    2. agreed dat mother fucker's voice is just gross gay and souns like he is trying to be cute but really he has to grow up