Monday, June 27, 2011

Moved my store location

I moved my Amazon AStore Widget to a static page and linked to it in the pages link bar. Probably not the best idea but I wanted to inform the masses.

Of all the things I have done to try and earn somewhat of an income from this page the Astore has been by far the best. Granted the income is abysmal but I love reading through the logs and actually seeing that someone has bought a product that I have recommended. If you never knew I had a store please go check it out. The vendors are not my own nor do I set the prices or do any shipping, I guess I am more of an advertiser or "Affiliate" for the products. I get pennies on the dollar for purchases and fractions of pennies for clicks. However, I like knowing that I have either used, owned or can personally vouch for and recommend all the products contained within.

If you buy a product from my store and aren't satisfied, then you are doing something wrong.

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