Monday, June 6, 2011

Some ink and colors

Original pencil by ebitempura96 The character is named Sasha and she is an original Fan creation for the Gunslinger Girl universe. I did the ink and color.
This next one had the original pencil work done by thegasmaster with the ink and color done by me. This is a fan rendition of the character Triela from Gunslinger Girl.

I have just kind of been picking up pencils from random places and doing the ink and color work on them for practice. I then email or PM the original artist the finished work and if they like it I add it to my dA portfolio. I really don't have a motive for doing it other than to get better. Generally if you give credit to the original artist they are fine with it. I know a few who aren't cool with it which is why I send it to the artist first.

Actually, the first one, Sasha, the artist seemed to like it enough that he has asked me to do a few more for him, but then I did not hear from him again.

On a related note, Someone went out of their way to extend a courteous hand to me so I read over so stories that they posted and started doing some sketch panel work for them. even if it comes out terrible it should help me get the needed practice in drawing, scene translation and panel layout.

Other than keeping excessively busy with practicing my drawings I have been getting more and more into anime. I never really thought it would be my thing until I watched my very first series. Requiem for the Phantom or Phantom of Inferno, I was blown away by the depth of the story. Perhaps it is common knowledge to all manga and anime fans but when I came to the realization of the freedom these shows have in their ability to dive into a story I felt like I had finally found my place among entertainment. It struck me as if they were not held back by the same restrictive taboos that hollywood filmmakers are. They can tell any story they want however they want, and that makes a very good medium for artists to express with.

I loved Phantom. I couldn't stop watching. From there I started with Gunslinger Girl, again I was hooked. I moved onto Darker than Black of which I just finished watching everything up to the last episode of Gemini of the meteor (which left me wanting a bit more as well as a bit of a feeling that the subs were a bit of a bad translation, I don't know, something just felt off about the whole thing) I sure do love me some Yin.

I want to watch Noir next. From what I understand it should be right up my alley.

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