Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Fancy Clay Oven Warmer Thingy

I have been working with Chavant NSP medium lately. It is oil based so it can be heated or baked without hardening. Anyone who has ever worked with it knows that if it is at room temperature, and that happens to be anything below 85-90 degrees, it can be a bit tough to work. The solution has always been to heat it up and soften it. Some people use an oven or a toaster oven, others stick a lamp over a box lined with aluminum foil. While others even just press the clay between their testicles and let body heat soften the clay. If you enjoy torture, you can simply work it in its' hardened state and enjoy arthritis for years to come.  The choice is yours.

This stuff isn't groundbreaking here, but it is mine so that makes it infinitely more interesting than anything you could be checking out from someone else.

 Sidenote: I go through 2 boxes of these every three weeks. My pee is actually just bitter coffee!
 I decided to try the mylar blankets they sell for emergency kits. The temp rose from about 78 to 95 in about 10 minutes.
 I had cut a flap on the side of the box so I could just reach in and remove the clay but it was difficult to pry the bottom of the flap open so I constructed a handle from armature wire.
 See the handle.
In the end I tried aluminum foil. I thought the mylar would outperform it because hell, it's Space Aged! But with the Aluminum covering the mylar the temp rose from about 78 to 106 in about 7 minutes.

The pictures are blurry because my hands were coated in the clay and I had touched the lens on my phone. I hadn't realized till I uploaded the and looked at them but I didn't feel like taking new pictures at that point. Also, I placed the aluminum over the mylar because I was too lazy to take the mylar off first. 

In case you can't tell, the lamp hole is actually cut into the bottom of the box and the whole thing is resting upside down on a piece of foil. There is a vent hole on the top side because I figured it should have one. The temp probe is there just because I was curious.

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  1. That's a pretty sweet rig ya got there! That was very clever with the survival blankets.