Sunday, July 3, 2011

My vain concerns regarding Google+

So far I am really enjoying Google+

There has been a bit of a stir around the online forums as to whether or not it is going to suffer the same fate as the Wave project. Some think that Wave failed because of its' limited beta user base, others believe it to be because Wave lacked a clear cut direction, even more seem to think it was because Wave wanted to be an email killer when the reality was that people were all to happy using email the way it is. Most likely they all have a bit of truth.

Google+ seems set up from the start with several of those concerns aggressively tackled. The purpose is clear, Kill Facebook, or rather provide a social network where the users can decide their own level of privacy, security and friendships and are given a clear cut way to exit entirely. The user base, while small at the moment appears to be set up on an infinite invite level. At first there appeared to be a clear "invite friends" icon for early adopters now it seems that simple adding friends to your "circle" and mentioning them in a post generates a notification email to the friend allowing them to get in.

Which is what brings me to my concern.

The last thing I thought I needed was another social network for me to ignore. I resisted MySpace until my band grew to the point we needed more exposure, then Facebook was just the next evolution as MySpace careened down its self destructive CSS spiral. I was never really excited about signing up for either but as with almost all Google projects it would appear as if I can't jump in fast enough. Also, just like previous limited entry Google projects people are whirling themselves into a semen covered circlejerk frenzy to get in on this one.

The ferocity with which people are pursuing these invites is astonishing. People see Google+ app on your phone and they are willing to give you a handjob in the middle of the street for an invite. It would appear as if Google has stumbled upon the electronic equivalent of heroin.

So how do I wield this new divine power I have been given? Do I make those around me dual to the death in gladiator style battles, the winner being the one I bestow an invite upon? Do I send them out freely like a benevolent god, graciously raining down gifts upon those who are in my circles to begin with and ask for nothing in return?

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