Monday, December 12, 2011

I made this!

I have completely given up on trying to maintain any kind of regular posting routine.

Today my power went out while the utility men were working on the poles outside of my house. I thought they were shutting my power off. After 2 years of being jobless and waiting for social security I have finally run completely out of money. Natural I found this out in the most inconvenient way possible, while checking out in WaWa 3 days ago. My account today officially stands at -67.38.

So since I could not use the computer I switched desks and grabbed an X-acto and an orange crayon. Never having attempted a feat such as this I picked something simple.

A Pumpkin.

I had a difficult time taking the picture. As if that wasn't enough after getting it displayable I realized that others may not realize it is a crayon and think "the fuck is this lousy pumpkin looking thing?"

I still didn't much care for the picture, plus the more I looked at the photo the more I thought about how unimpressive it looked as a photo. Up close in person it appeared much cooler but hey whatchagonado. 

Remember, I did this in the somewhat dark during a power outage. i want to do more now, it was pretty fun.  Perhaps next I can do a strawberry, or even just put some leaves and vines around the base of this one?!

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