Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Latest and greatest. Custom Chess Board and Pieces

I decided one day, on a whim, without having finished any of my previous projects that I was going to make myself a nice custom chess set. 

I grade a hunk of scrap wood and started whittling away little chunks with my slightly dull knife. After an hour or two I had a minor epiphany and thought that if I did it out of clay I would end up having to make significantly fewer. 

So only two hours into my newest project which cut in front of all others I was already looking for shortcuts. 

Either way, I am having fun. None of the pieces are done. What you see in the pictures that follow are ideas that I am playing around with. I thought if I sculpted a normal chess piece and then manipulated it I would better be able to "pull" the new character from the clay. It is slow going but since it is for me I am in no hurry. 

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