Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Post Because I Care

 ...about myself!

One thing never ceases to amaze me. Bejeweled Blitz is such a simple game but one can employ a seemingly endless amount of tactics and strategies to maximize your score in the 60 seconds you have to match some gems.

I often wonder if there is a secret lab over at Popcap where they have every possible gem grid type laid out and every possible move you could make calculated and mapped on some super computer and they use it to cross reference our gaming performance to narrow down and zero in on the worlds greatest analytical minds.

Then I wonder if all the strategies that people employee are really just bullshit and the game and it's makers intended it to rely solely on speed and chance.

...Tell me, do you play? What strategies do you use? What other seemingly simple games do you know of that have a deep strategic user infrastructure?

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