Saturday, October 27, 2012

My cherry is broken. I present Casey Jones

This is the first mask I have ever made. I have no idea whether I followed the proper procedure or even a coherent procedure but all in all I am very proud of my final piece and so is the person I made it for. 

I doubt this work would stand up against that of a professionals but I really need to learn to stop trying to compare my work with others. There will always be someone better than I am all I can do is try and learn from each experience. 

With that I present to you most of my experience in making this mask. (commentary will be below the pics)

The sculpt is out of WED clay and it sits on a store bought costume hockey mask. In retrospect the mask was unnecessary. 

Made the box ready for the next step, then decided to add some scarring. 

Said scarring.

Used silicone RTV to capture detail. I also was using Bondo to construct the actual mask and I was not sure if rubber or latex would hold up to it. Plus it peels right off. 

The step you do not see is the plaster being poured over the cured silicone to give the mold rigidity. This was after everything was cured and the box removed and excess silicone removed. 

The plaster backing.

The two pieces side by side purely for visuals.

Here is a pic showing how much silicone I had to trim. This is because it leaked under the clay form during the pour. A mistake I have learned from. 

Filled in the mold with bondo. I intentionally used a large amount of hardener so I could have it begin setting while I was moving it around thinking I would be able to push it about to make a thin layer as it hardened. I was wrong, it hardens not gradually but almost instantaneously when it is ready. In the future I will use less hardener and work the viscous natural material around a bit longer.   

I actually had already done a fair amount of sanding on this and then just set it back in place for a photo.

Getting cleaner.

And cleaner.

And paint and straps are done. 

Couldn't decide which lighting looked better. 

In the end there are a few things I would have done differently. I would have loved to be able to degas my liquids but I do not poses the equipment. I think I should spend more time on the initial sculpt, though I was on a time crunch I do think it is better to have a high quality smooth master then to try to sand everything out of the final. 

Overall I am very pleased with my first piece, I hope someday to be able to produce the quality work of people like Volpin Props but until I have more work and practice those days are long ahead of me. 

If you would like a custom piece please contact me, my prices will reflect that of someone who is not quite yet a professional, but I am not giving the stuff away either. 

Thank you all for reading. 

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  1. Right on man, as a newbie to this stuff also your step by step with your "I learned from"'s was really insightful