Sunday, February 27, 2011

Intuos4 Lagging issue FIXED

So I recently bought the Wacom Intuos4 Large, an upgrade form a 4 year old bamboo. In Hindsight,  I don't know how I ever worked on the bamboo with 3 22" monitors.

I would place this purchase up among the greatest purchases I have ever made. Actually as I sit here writing this I am struggling to think of another purchase that even comes close.

However, one of my favorite sketching programs, sketchbook designer 2011 was having some serious issues, well, serious to me.

I was searching all over the fucking web trying to see if there was a fix but I either wasn't sure what to search for or was just flat out searching the wrong issue.

Anywho what was happening was, when I was making quick sketch lines the interface appeared to be drawing an animated circle around the cursor point, indicative of a right click, or double click, some kind of click modifier. There would be a slight delay in touching the tip to the tablet and then finishing the stroke. It was driving me mad.

I disabled the tablet pc services in control panel but no dice, and that seemed to be the only solution I could find. Also, I really liked to use those services for inking in word and taking notes.

Back to reality, what was really pissing me off was that I was not having this issue in sketchbook pro 2011.

Ii finally came across something about flicks in my travels. I had actually almost completely given up on designer, it was a shame to because the vector layers were really great to work with. I disabled flicks and tried, it helped but didn't completely eliminate the problem. Then I just poked deeper into the flicks menu's and found a cure.

 Right Click the Flicks

Uncheck the flicks thingy.
Switch over to the Pen Options Tab.

I went into the settings for the double tap.

I moved this all the way to slow, as I could not disable it.

I may have adjusted the spatial tolerance. 

This little gem right here was fucking up the whole game.
I would have erased it if I could. 

But all I could do was uncheck it. Although I did do it rather violently. 

I unchecked these two little guys here. I am not sure if I needed to, but I hated them so I did.

When all is said and done make sure the flicks notification bar has the No Smoking ring through it. 
Now I can draw vectors without ripping my hair out. I hope this helps some of you out. I later discovered that these recommendations were located within the help files (or somewhere right in front of me) But for those of you who are looking and not finding, and drawing and not producing. I offer but one meager solution.

My amazon store at the bottom of the page has this tablet in it. I can't stress enough how great it is. Plus if you buy it through Amazon they don't make you jump through hoops to get the less expensive academic version. Also, purchasing through my store makes it so I can put food on my plate and drugs in my system.