Thursday, February 24, 2011

Will be posting today

I will be making a post later, I will replace this post with the future post.


Actually, before I get to posting i would like to know, where do you guys promote your pages? I am not associating this page with my real identity, I feel that once people you know start reading, one tends to curve what they really want to say. So I have decided to keep strict separation between people I know and people who read this. Point being that the usual social network plug is not really an option for me.

Any Suggestions?


  1. Try submitting your blog to some topsites. It may be a good idea to submit some posts or the whole blog to reddit (maybe add a button).

  2. I sort of keep my identity hidden as well. I plan on blogging on subjects that I do not necessarily want everyone I know to read.

    But as for advertising, I do it through twitter.

  3. Thanks everyone. I have promoted on reddit before. But I don't get aggressive there as I have a legitimate name in that community and would rather not be known for shameless promotion. I just throw the link up and hope someone likes it enough to follow. I think I may have gathered 1 or 2 readers that way.

    As for twitter, I did create an account just for this but I am not very twitter savvy, the whole idea had me a bit put off from the get go for some reason. Most networking sites do, I just feel like no one gives a shit about what anyone has to say, least of all me, so why bother. Lately, armed with the knowledge of impending doom I have been a little more easy going and eager to share my thoughts regardless of my preconceived notions.

  4. I've been wondering the same thing, I'm glad you asked and got some answers. :)

  5. I just started recently, but going to chat rooms where you meet new people interested in your topic is a good place to start.