Monday, March 21, 2011

back to being blind....

One of the pitfalls of dying is that it often puts me out of commission for afew days at a time and then I can't update as regularly as I like.

At some point you will see that I haven't updated in months or even years and it will be because I have died, and the world will have barely noticed.


  1. I'm dying friend, that is why I don't work anymore. That paragraph about me at the top of the page isn't made up. It's true.

  2. You'll have died... and no one will care? That's not true. You know that's not true. There will be someone somewhere that cares.

  3. Why and what does does the world having to notice have to do with your life? Why do we seek recognition? My question basically is do you look for someones glance? What good does it do to have someone look, you have started something here. Trying to put yourself in the web. To leave something behind. Why is this comforting to humans? Have we machined this need different from the rest of our worldly inhabitants? My view is that only the people who are relevant will know me or think about me when I'm gone. My life is the sum of the perceptions I can remember about it. This can be realized, you can measure your life's worth to you. You can't measure someone else's care or thoughts. You can only assume how much they will give or have given. Which makes your assumptions not definite and things that aren't definite in the end equal nothing. I may sound jumbled because I'm in class and your post struck me. Let me hear your soul, friend.

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  5. I guess when I think about it and answer only myself I am not seeking recognition, however although I feel that what I have to say is of the utmost importance, talking to myself all day long can get me only so much satisfaction.

    I am anonymous here, so although I crave the recognition of my words and phrases here, I still, and always will, walk among people as just an average person, dying. No matter what happens, or how much I pine for the audience of masses even if all my wishes came true I would still be unknown and unimportant amongst them as long as I was away from this keyboard.

    So, yes, I do seek that glance, that reassuring feeling that I have been heard, but, where it matters to most people, I still have nothing.