Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's always about Tron.

Okay, I know it may seem ridiculous to pay this much for a set of Blu-ray disc's. Especially when that set has a 3d disc that I can't even use, but I HAD to have the identity disc set. Amazon also claims that by selecting the free 2 day shipping (I am a Prime member) that I will get it on release day.

I personally considered this to be a must have. If you are thinking of buying it, please consider purchasing through my link, I will get a few bucks for it through Amazon's referral service. It is only available as a pre-order now until April 5 which is the official release date.

I don't own it yet so I can't comment on how awesome it is sure to be, but you should buy it. Actually buy 3 in case you lose 2.

If you have adblock on you have to disable it to see my link.