Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How many blogs are too many?

I know some of you operate two blogs. I believe some of you have even more. I imagine many people operate a multitude of pages that cover a wide variety of subjects.

But how many is too many?

When you choose to run more than one  page, do you prefer to stick with the same blogging service? Or would you rather expand to a wider audience and make a second page on Tumblr if your first is on Blogger?

If that is the case, would you just re-blog all the same topics?

I know there are a multitude of platforms out there for which we can share our views. To me it seems a bit restrictive to only use one to convey everything. On the other hand, is it really proper web etiquette to flood every service with the same content? I know it doesn't stop most people but we are not them.

I would really like to hear from people, not just my readers, about how many pages (blogs) they operate and on how many services. How do you keep readers flowing to several when it seems a divine task to get them to come to just one? I am not looking for blogging tips, there are plenty of pages for that, plus I won't follow them anyway. I just kinda want to hear stories.


  1. personally I have my main blog and then some other ones that don't get as much attention or nearly as much content. the smaller ones are centred around one topic while my main wifihighfive is everything :D

  2. I have one for my business and one for my hobby anymore and it would get taxing.