Monday, June 13, 2011

Online dating is a cespool of desperation

I signed up on a few weeks back with the intention of trolling the shit out of a few pathetic Forever Alones' in my area. You know what I learned?

I don't have to.

These women are sad.

story time

I am often considered soulless by those who are around me. They make these claims about me because I can easily detach myself from emotion and make decisions based purely on reason. I actually have gotten so used to it that I rarely display any emotion at all towards any living person including my spouse. Breakups, death, loss of important items, deadlines, dangerous scenarios, none of these have any effect on me. I do allow myself to get worked up regarding my son but I can easily rationalize that with the claim that he is 50% myself.

As an example of just how cold and rational I can be, I was in boot camp at age 18 for only 2 days when my mother died. I am an only child raised by my mother and I never knew my father. I have no other family. I never shed a tear over it. I even asked if I could stay and finish training (they were sending me back home to deal with the loss and the funeral). I gained some level of fame during boot camp for that. Perhaps it was more infamy though, you generally don't want the instructors to know who you are. While I was home, I planned my mothers funeral, 18 years old, by myself, now homeless (we were always poor and were going through a bankruptcy) without shedding a tear or feeling any overwhelming emotions. 

The reason I retell this now is because I have become somewhat like a machine. I can deliver the truth to anyone with absolutely no regard for feelings or consequences. I will speak exactly what is on my mind with absolutely no modification, save for a little grammar and clarity adjustment. I know many people who claim that they always speak their minds but when push comes to shove they will either censor themselves or just intentionally say things for shock value that they don't even believe. Accordingly you can imagine I am not very popular.

You may be asking still what the point of all this is... well, after just a few days perusing the profiles on POF, the overwhelming sense of desperation emanating from some of these cankled beasts is so bad that even I can't bring myself to ridicule them.

Of course, that isn't true. I could. That wouldn't be much of an article now would it? I bet you can find my profile if you try. Just look for the one oozing sincerity, ....and hate. 

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