Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2 Read at your own Risk

Just saw this movie yesterday.

*I did as best I could to get my words out without spoilers but if you have not read the books then you may not want to read this. The next 2 paragraphs are safe but after that you have been warned.*

I am not reviewing it. No one should ever be making a living reviewing movies for content, at least that is my take on things. Couldn't tell you how much I disagree with everyone who has ever given an opinion regarding anything as subjective as cinema.

What this is, will simply serve as my thoughts on my experience. This is the only Potter film I have seen in the theater. I saw it in 3d, there were really only one or two scenes that really took advantage of the 3d element and they seemed to be afterthoughts. But I have no regrets. If you don't mind the glasses and the extra price go for it.

I was somewhat sad throughout the entire film, every passing moment knowing that I was closing in on the last scene of the franchise that I would ever see. I almost wanted to leave before it was over simply so I could prolong the end. My son grew up with this series, though he didn't start reading it until about Order of the Phoenix due to his age and reading ability and to some extent, his interest in books. Once he started though he couldn't stop. Knowing now that there is no more to see is kinda really saddening me. It's nothing new to me however, the end of stories like this often leave me clenched up, withered and feeling like I have nothing left to look forward to, I always say there will never be another movie/story/something that will equal it, then I remember that I said it many times before. 

The movie tied up a lot of questions I had about certain things, it opened up the opportunity for me to discuss certain things that I knew with people who didn't know and it also opened up something that I half expected but wasn't fully prepared for. 


I am not talking about the questions that everyone is asking right now regarding Harry's paternal issues. I think that was intentionally inserted into the movie to raise confusion, or it was just a poorly executed tactic on showing that particular evolution of a certain character. 

I am talking about Voldemort. I am glad they wrapped up the big questions regarding him and Harry, but what I was really hoping for was an explanation as to HOW and WHY Voldemort became who he became. Sure, he is super evil and wants to control everyone and everything, but why?

I have heard that Rowling is being very coy about another book, if she does write something new with regards to this series I hope it focuses on Tom Riddle as a child and his relationship with Dumbledore and then the surrounding issues with Severus Snape. That would be my personal curiosity satisificator.

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