Monday, April 22, 2013

Some other wood projects

I am thinking about mass producing these. Someone commissioned me to make a set of 6 for them and I had enough wood left over to make 3 other sets. I think they are pretty damn neat.

They sell online for 50 bucks plus shipping and handling but these ones that I make I feel are somewhat more detailed. I make each one by hand so it takes me a while but each pipe is half rounded like a real die whereas most ones I have seen are just flat ground.

I am also going to design a carrying bag for them. If you would like to purchase a set from me just leave a comment or contact me through this site (if I have a contact setup) Once I get a handle on my process I will organize a separate site for things.

I am thinking $45 for a set of 6 with bag, plus shipping and handling which is to be determined.

I also made this shop sign as a gift for a friend. I got the idea from someone who posted on a site I visit. This was the first time I ever tried hand carving letters and I was pleased with the results considering I only had a stanley fat max 3/4in bench chisel.

I am also willing to custom make shop signs to order, prices can be determined per project.

So if anyone wants to commission me to build them something just reply and we can start a dialogue. I am going on 3 years out of work due to my disability and the financial stress is enough to kill me. I am really not healthy enough to be doing this but Social Security has denied me and taken their sweet blessed time doing it so they have kinda forced my hand. It is either this or I don't eat.

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